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Specializing in Late Abortion for Fetal Disorders

1. Were you satisfied with the initial telephone contact you had with us? Could anything more have been said to lessen your fears? Was all of the information accurate or was misleading information given? What was most helpful? Other comments?

"All initial information was extremely informative. The web site referral was excellent and the site was informative." "Yes, impressed with opportunity to speak directly to the doctor. Information extremely accurate (literature helpful)."

"I am so glad this facility is here."

2. Did you have any problems with transportation or hotel accommodations? In what way could we have been more helpful?

"There was no way the staff could have been more helpful."

3. Any comments about our facility, waiting rooms, initial questionnaire and/or literature?

"The facility was great in general, we felt safe, and everything was clean, soothing and the music in the waiting room was comforting."

"Excellent - Security was reassuring, and all information provided was excellent. Articles written and doctor information was extremely important."

"Everything was very thorough, and it felt very safe and secure here."

"Everything about this facility was professional and very understanding."

"Extremely clean facility and sterile. Literature written by Dr. Hern, excellent."

"Facility made me feel safe."

4. How did you feel about your counselor/counseling?

"She comforted us through this difficult time and was sincere and kind."

"I love her."

"She handled my attitude with dignity..."

5. Comments or suggestions for the nursing staff?

"They were great always making us feel like nothing was any trouble for them to do. They treat us with care and love."

"Nursing staff is sympathetic and supportive; everyone very committed to supporting women at this time - Thank you!"

"Great staff, very caring and compassionate."

"The staff was very comforting and compassionate!"

"Nursing staff was wonderful."

"Everyone was friendly and caring, as well as comfortable with and professional at what they’re doing."

"I would just like to say thank you for being so kind and treating me with such respect."

"I love how everyone is so talkative and friendly. They took the time to learn my name and ask me how I was doing."

"Their concern for me as a patient was evident."

6. Any comments about the doctor or the procedure itself?

"The doctor is the greatest person I have ever met or will ever meet. The procedure was smooth and never did I feel as if I was not to be heard."

"I commend the doctor on being a pioneer in this field and defending this right so wholeheartedly. His dedication and beliefs are inspirational."

"Dr. Hern made me feel at ease and made me feel that he cared about me personally."

"Very impressed with the doctor’s concern for both individuals and the larger issues at hand."

"Dr. Hern was very nice, caring, and considerate."

"The doctor has good bedside manner and is a real calm person. He walked me through each step of the procedure."

"Dr. Hern was very informative and professional. I thought he was fantastic."

"...he told funny jokes."

"Dr. Hern is considerate and kind. I am very impressed with him. The procedure was well explained and mercifully quick."

"The doctor is not only a wonderful and caring man, he’s got a great sense about himself, almost as if he "knows" what your feelings [are]. Truly a wonderful man."

"Dr. Hern was very funny and enjoyable. The procedure was just what the staff said it would be."

"The doctor puts his heart into his work and that makes me feel good."

"Thank you for being there for the choice we made."

7. How did you feel the first hour or two after the abortion?

"Relieved and happy."

8. One of our overall goals has been to try to make this a positive experience for you. We hope that through your contact with us and the way you were considered here - that you came to understand your own feelings better. Have we succeeded?

"Yes, you have. Because you have given me the chance that no one else could have given. We greatly appreciate everything the facility and the doctor has done for us."

"Knowledge and compassion from the staff made this a more positive experience!"

"Yes, definitely. I didn’t feel bashed or belittled. I feel at ease with my decision. Before I came here I felt disgusted with myself but you made me feel like it was OK and you were all here to help."

"Yes, very much so. The whole staff was very friendly which made this seem so much better. Everyone was very supportive...and they all helped me out so much. Thanks.

"By encouraging me and helping me every step of the way. Also by asking me about my future goals and plans.

"I put a great deal of thought in before coming. The staff here was understanding and willing to listen, making the procedure easier to go through. I’d call this a very positive experience. I also appreciated all the info I found on your web site. Learning more about the procedure and Dr. Hern calmed any residual fear/anxiety I had."

"Yes. You have exceeded what I expected. I realized my feelings were okay, that I was not a "bad" person for having an abortion."

"Yes, talking with the staff made me feel that even though some people don’t believe in abortion, it is still a good decision to make."

"Yes. Because everyone is so understanding. I came in here not feeling too great about the whole thing, but the nurses made me feel, really think about and realize that this doesn’t make me bad because it’s the best thing and it’s my choice. They made me feel better about myself."

"It was a very emotional time for us and we are thankful to the wonderful staff. Your receptionist was the first person we talked to. Her positive and caring attitude was conveyed over the phone. Again thank you for allowing me to be able to make the choice."