Because pregnancy is not a benign condition, and because terminating a pregnancy is a surgical procedure, each patient must have excellent post-operative abortion care and follow-up care.

This care is absolutely necessary to prevent complications and to treat them satisfactorily if they occur. No matter how well an abortion is performed, complications can occur. In the rare event of a complication, the difference between a safe result with a full return to good health and an undesirable result is often good post-operative care and prompt treatment of complications.

Each patient who has an abortion at Boulder Abortion Clinic is taken from the operating room to a nearby recovery room where she can lie down, relax, and receive the attention of the recovery room nurses as well as her family members and friends.

During this time, expert recovery room nurses will monitor her blood pressure and pulse as well as other aspects of physical evaluation. She will receive information concerning aftercare and her follow-up examination.

If she has chosen a method of birth control, she may receive information or, in the case of oral contraceptives, a starting supply of these. Her vital signs (blood pressure, pulse) will be observed on several occasions after the abortion; before leaving the operating room, upon arriving in the recovery room, and before being discharged from the recovery room.

The nurse makes numerous other observations of each patient such as general status, presence or absence of abdominal pain, amount of bleeding, and state of recovery from pain medications. Follow-up exams at Boulder Abortion Clinic are included in the fee for those who can and wish to return to see Dr. Hern and his staff for the follow-up exam.

Our patients almost always feel well enough to travel the day after their procedures. We remain available at all times to discuss our patients’ post-operative concerns and arrange more prompt follow-up if needed; it is very rare that this is necessary.

Our purpose is to see that every woman who comes to Dr. Hern’s office for termination of pregnancy receives the safest possible care that is thorough, humane, and supportive of her and her family. When she leaves, we want her to feel confident that she is returning to good health and that she is able to live her life as she chooses to live it.

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Patient Comments

I came in here not feeling too great about the whole thing, but the nurses made me feel, really think about and realize that this doesn’t make me bad because it’s the best thing and it’s my choice. They made me feel better about myself.

Patient Comment

It was a very emotional time for us and we are thankful to the wonderful staff. Your receptionist was the first person we talked to. Her positive and caring attitude was conveyed over the phone. Again thank you for allowing me to be able to make the choice.

Patient Comment

I put a great deal of thought in before coming. The staff here was understanding and willing to listen, making the procedure easier to go through. I’d call this a very positive experience. I also appreciated all the info I found on your web site. Learning more about the procedure and Dr. Hern calmed any residual fear/anxiety I had.

Patient Comment

The facility was great in general, we felt safe, and everything was clean, soothing and the music in the waiting room was comforting.

Patient Comment

The doctor is the greatest person I have ever met or will ever meet. The procedure was smooth and never did I feel as if I was not to be heard.

Patient Comment

Dr. Hern is considerate and kind. I am very impressed with him. The procedure was well explained and mercifully quick.

Patient Comment